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How to use PayPal with your SimDif website

How to use PayPal with your SimDif website


What a Paypal account can be used for?

Paypal is a fast and secure online payment solution.

Paypal won't charge processing fees to your customers, but will deduct a small amount from each of your sales. In some cases, there is also a fee when you withdraw money from your Paypal account.

>>> Click here to go to Paypal website and read more about fees.

Paypal offers different kinds of account. Creating an account is free, but we recommend you should take your time and determine carefully what is the type of account that fits your needs best.

>>> Click here to go to Paypal website and create an account.

Note: Once you have created your account, make sure you confirm your email address. (This email address need not be the same as the address registered in your Simple Different account).

Different features may help you grow your business:

Paypal optional services include:

  • Setting up sales taxes for multiple regions.
  • Tracking inventory and getting an email alert when inventory is low.
  • Computing shipping costs automatically.
  • Customizing the graphic design of the payment page.
  • Offering gift options, customer service survey, or newsletter subscription on the payment page.
If you need more features, we suggest you should consider creating a dedicated online shop for your business (with Ebay, Prestashop, Shopify, etc.) and making arrangements to your SimDif website so that it becomes the showcase of that shop.

Please note: Paypal is a service that is independent of Simple Different.

We are not able to offer support for your Paypal account.

>>> Click here to contact Paypal support directly.

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