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How to use PayPal with your SimDif website

How to use PayPal with your SimDif website


How to enable e-commerce functions on your website

This is a feature of Pro sites. Click below to visit
our guide to all the Pro sites features.

You need to activate e-commerce feature on your website, so that you can then insert Paypal buttons.

Just follow this step-by-step procedure:

  1. Open your Site settings (2nd icon on the top-right corner).
  2. Unfold  Manage the e-commerce functions.
  3. Select Yes, I want to use e-commerce in my website.
  4. Press Activate e-commerce.

Once you have enabled e-commerce feature, you need to choose the kind of service to setup. Each service enables a specific set of buttons.

Once you have applied the suitable setting, you can add Paypal buttons to your Pro site.

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